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Horseback Riding "Cacheuta", 1/2 day  

 Andean Crossing

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    Data and Informations of the
    Andean Crossing Adventure:

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Horseback riding, 6 days

6 days, Horse riding "to the Glacier"
6 days, "Laguna del Diamante"

 Horseback riding, 5 days

5 days, Horse riding "Uspallata"
5 days, Horse riding in "Winter"

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4 days, Horse riding + Aconcagua

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3 days, Horse riding "Uspallata"
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3 days, Horse riding "Extreme"

 Horseback riding, 2 days

2 days, Horse riding "Villavicencio"

 Horseback riding, full day

1/2 day, Horse riding "Cacheuta"
Full day, Horse riding "Cacheuta"
Full day, Horse riding "Manzano"

 Travers combined

14 days, Horse riding Combined

 Horseback riding in
 Colombia - new!

10 days, "Colombia`s Vergel"
6 days, "The Viceroy´s Roads"

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Horse Riding 2 hours
"Precordillera", province of Mendoza - Argentina
Horse riding half day in the "Precordillera", Mendoza - Argentina  
Our professional and native guides will take you into "The Andes" , exploring places with an incomparable beauty, knowing different aspects of the area, the people, their habits, the flora and fauna.

Services included:

  • Transfer from Mendoza city (round trip).
  • Horse riding 2 hs. in the mountain "Precordillera".
  • Professional guide.


Pick up: 09:00 - 09:30 hs.
Return: 14:00 hs. approx.
Time on horses: 02 hs. approx.



We leave from the hotel towards a ranch in the mountain area. Saddled horses are waiting for us ready to leave. We ride trough precipitous areas, then we reach an impressive viewpoint, it is possible to watch the great valley of Mendoza River and the city of Mendoza. We come back to the hotel in the afternoon.

The lands are irregular, so the horse can't trot or gallop. 


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