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 Andean Crossing

     Recommended Routes:
  - "Piuquenes Pass", 6 days
  - "Los Patos Valley", 10 days

     Others routes of this
     Adventure by  horses:

  - "Los Patos Valley", 11 days
  - Route by Mule, 6 days

    Data and Informations of the
    Andean Crossing Adventure:

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Horseback riding, 6 days

6 days, Horse riding "to the Glacier"
6 days, "Laguna del Diamante"

 Horseback riding, 5 days

5 days, Horse riding "Uspallata"
5 days, Horse riding in "Winter"

 Horseback riding, 4 days

4 days, Horse riding "Real de la Cruz"
4 days, Horse riding + Aconcagua

 Horseback riding, 3 days

3 days, Horse riding "Uspallata"
3 days, Horse riding "Manzano"

3 days, Horse riding "Villavicencio"
3 days, Horse riding "Extreme"

 Horseback riding, 2 days

2 days, Horse riding "Villavicencio"

 Horseback riding, full day

1/2 day, Horse riding "Cacheuta"
Full day, Horse riding "Cacheuta"
Full day, Horse riding "Manzano"

 Travers combined

14 days, Horse riding Combined

 Horseback riding in
 Colombia - new!

10 days, "Colombia`s Vergel"
6 days, "The Viceroy´s Roads"

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Horseback Riding Expeditions "Trekking Travel Expediciones"
"Trekking Travel Expediciones", by South Trekking Travel ® E.V.T.
Horseback Riding in The Andes Mountain Range  


There are many different words to describe our company, but none more accurate than "professional." We have the resources to dedicate a team of specialized professionals to your travel. We blend their experience and expertise to offer you an travel seamlessly combining exceptional of the landscapes of our territory, the best services, and most exciting trips for Los Andes Mountain Range.

We have been developing trips in Mendoza Province (Argentina) and Expeditions in los Andes Mountain Range, working with clients for more than seven years. Our integrated team approach can handle any expedition, Trekking, Horseback Riding, Overlanding, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Tourism Adventure, Local excursions and more.

Our company in Mendoza Province (Argentina) is located near the Capital City of Mendoza. Our main office acts as a hub for base organization and supports our expeditions and like Sales Office.

Trekking travel is more than a company, it is a big family which is able to give you safe service while visiting Los Andes Mountain Range and all the places that surrounds it.

For all the reasons mentioned before we think we are able to offer you the most reliable option in tourism. Be sure you will enjoy one of the most exciting and beautiful places in the world. We are looking forward for you visit!!!

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Map of our office in Mendoza Province, Argentina:

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Our postal mail:
"Trekking Travel Expediciones"
Address: Adolfo Calle 4171 P.A. (C.P.5521) Villa Nueva Guaymallén. MENDOZA - ARGENTINA

CONTACT US: info@trekking-travel.com.ar

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